Armagnac Egg Nogg

Long Drink

Capacity: 12 cl

Alcohol%: 13.3%

Type : Anytime

Prepares : Shaken

Uses in the glass : Tumbler

Consumes: Cold

Can be served anytime

Taste: Sweet and smooth

Ingredients :

Continental Shaker

1 barspoon full of sugar

1 egg yolk

1.3 oz Armagnac Darroze

Grand Assemblage « 8 ans d’âge »

2 oz of milk



  1. Prepare the necessary equipment and products to the mix, in order to have on hand during preparation.
  2. Cool tumbler glass by filling it with ice.
  3. Fill 2/3 full of ice, large shaker cup.
  4. Pour into small cup shaker all ingredients in the cocktail, except milk , in the order and quantity of the recipe.
  5. Empty cocktail glass ice and drain the excess water from the glass.
  6. With the help of the ice strainer, hold ice cubes in the large cup, then return it and drain the residual water ice.
  7. Siphon the mixture of the small cup in the large cup containing ice.
  8. Train shaker.
  9. Knock, strongly shake the shaker for 8-10 seconds.
  10. Pour the mixture into the tumbler in the filter with the help of ice strainer.
  11. Complete with milk
  12. Grate a little nutmeg over the glass.
  13. Serve immediately.


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