Michael Lazar

Francis Darroze 8 years Bas Armagnac : 60ml

Cocchi Torrino Sweet Vermouth  : 20ml

Ramazotti Amaro : 15ml

Meletti amero : 3ml

Maraska Marashino : 3ml

1 light dash Regan’s orange bitters

Orange Peel

Verre à Martini


Name : Michael Lazar

Place where the bartender is working : Hog & Rocks

Address : 3431 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 550-8627
Website : www.hogandrocks.com
Experience : 3 years behind the bar, 2 years prior to that as a spirits industry writer.
Career : Runnin’ a bar. Brooklyn-native now longtime Bay Area resident, Michael is one of the leading experts in spirits and cocktails in San Francisco. His passion became a profession while working on his published cocktail book Left Coast Libations. When not behind the bar at Hog & Rocks, “Mr. Manhattan” can be found drinking rye and bourbon at Prizefighter or Hotsy Totsy in the East Bay.
Favorite products for cocktails : American whiskey.
Specialties: Rock ‘n’ Rye, Aged Vin d’d Orange, Umeshu, Oak finished cocktails


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