The Armagnac terroir

The climate, the forest, the soil and the men

All the great qualities that give this land of Armagnac an exceptional terroir are here

THE CLIMATE, with mild sunny autumns that are ideal for the ripening of the grapes.

THE FOREST, that protects the vines from passing bad weather and that grows the mighty oak in which Armagnac ages and evolves with ultimate grace. It is quite frequent in Bas Armagnac to find properties where oak and vine grow side by side before being brought together to give us these unequalled Eaux-de-Vies.

THE SOIL, that divides the region into three distinct areas; from the chalky ground of the Haut Armagnac to the tawny sands of the Bas Armagnac, and the alternating clay and limestone in the Ténarèze.

THE MEN, the Gascons, who (even if they cannot take credit for the beauty and the quality of the terroir), take part with great passion and with all their hearts in the creation of this unparalleled product.


Bas-Armagnac, the jewel of the appellation

All tests and trials for classification purposes have noted the superiority of the Bas-Armagnac terroir. Why ?

– The particularly undulating relief of the land means that vineyard and forests are to be found side by side

– On the geology map, the ocean has played a predominant part in the the quality of Bas-Armagnac. The movement of the tides has left a deposit of tidal sands, known today as the ‘tawny sands of Bas-Armagnac’, wonderful land for the Armagnac vines.

– The Landes forest that is very close to the Bas-Armagnac vineyards, creates a natural barrier and therefore, a tremendous regulator of temperature, rainfall and other weather conditions.

– Finally, the men from Bas-Armagnac have chosen grape varieties that are best adapted to the production of white wines destined for distillation, and that are perfectly compatible with the different soil types.



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