The Darroze Philosophy

At the heart of the Bas Armagnac Landais

The treasures that the Darroze family have been hunting out since 1974, this eau-de-vie from the land of Armagnac, a little secret,…

…authentic lifeblood of the land, concentrated with aromas and flavours, of expressions and unique characters.

Francis Darroze – initiated by his father Jean Darroze, famous chef from Villeneuve de Marsan – and his son Marc, roam the estates on the best terroirs, that of the Bas Armagnac and its tawny sands, to select, cultivate and bottle the most beautiful discoveries. Around forty estates contribute to this extraordinary collection that complete and perfect their ageing in the Roquefort cellars. Rare and ancient barrels, or eaux-de-vies from the alambic from a small property, distilled by a reputed mobile distiller and that require several decades of subtle and careful ageing in oak barrels for them to express the qualities of the place and the vintage.

In all cases, the Darroze principles – rarely applied to a negotiant – stay the same : to respect totally, in complicity with the proprietor, the true terroir of each vineyard and to see that each and every eau-de-vie achieves its most perfect expression.

To preserve the specificities of each Armagnac and not to blend different estates or different vintages. In order not to betray the typical qualities, no ‘reduction’ by the addition of ‘petites eaux’ that not only dilutes the alcoholic strength but also the aromatic intensity and the hints of terroir. Therefore, each Bas-Armagnac is strictly itself, with the name of the estate of it comes from, its vintage and the bottling date that gives its real age, as eau-de-vie no longer ages once bottled. The Darroze collection offers a true voyage of taste over the infinite variations of terroirs, of varieties and of ‘savoir-faire’.

`` A true voyage of taste over the infinite variations of terroirs, of varieties and of 'savoir-faire' ... ``

Natural vinification, continuous distillation, …
The Armagnac making process

Armagnac uses a collection of white grape varieties, each one very different from the next, lending themselves to this aromatic balance that is so particular to our region.

The Baco, the Folle Blanche, the Ugni Blanc, …

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